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The paper "Reflection Writing" is a wonderful example of an article on sociology. In my own understanding, the race is the concept whereby people and individuals come from different backgrounds. I have realized that many people behave the way they do because of the cultural backgrounds they come from. This is because individuals from different races behave differently from people of other races. In my observation, I can identify that people of different races have different intelligent capacities. It can be determined that people initially were born with different behaviors and it is identified that people who were born a long time ago were less intelligent but the current individuals tend to be more intelligent because of the interaction and integration of races.

According to my own observation, the individuals who have interacted tend to be more intelligent because they exchange some behaviors. In this account, I can understand that race is important and every individual faces the racial situation once in a lifetime because all people are born in a certain culture. From the background of my culture, the race is something that is genetic.

This implies that there is genetic determinism which reflects the background where the individual comes from. This means that race influences the determination and positivity of an individual. At some point in life in time, individuals belong to certain races implying that they behave according to the race where they come from. As a result, the culture and genetic determinism of individuals in society are influenced by the racial background. In this effect, the race influences the culture of the people in the society. In my own reflection, I can say that race has value in society.

In the first place, race helps to shape the behavior of the people in the society. The race of the people constitutes the culture of the individuals in society and this means that culture is important in shaping the behavior of the individuals in the society. It is important to note that all people who belong to the same culture as races behave the same way. For instance, Indian culture is well known for doing business because of the culture they inherit from their race.

However, to some extent, different races can lead to racial discrimination and this can affect the relationship among individuals in society. In this context, race can have value in society. In addition, the race has value in society because it influences the genetic components of people. In my own opinion, it is evident that people inherit genetic factors which make up the individual intellect. In this way, the race is important because it helps to influence the intellectual property of the individuals because it is known that there are some races like the whites who are known to be clever than the black people.

This means that race has value in society. However, there are those who believe that race leads to racial discrimination and this means that race has negative value in society.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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