Investing in Kids by Nicholas Kristof – Article Example

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The paper "Investing in Kids by Nicholas Kristof" is a worthy example of an article review on English. Nicholas Kristof’ s article “ Investing in Kids” is more of a proposal for a higher level of dedication to bettering vulnerable children’ s lives. Kristof’ s claim that snapping poverty cycle is the most critical initiative for enabling investment in children is correct and to the point. Low wage level translates to poor living conditions with high-stress level. The article provides anti-poverty initiatives as one of the best ways to ensure increased investment in vulnerable children in the country. Kristof utilizes rhetorical devices to appeal to his audience.

He uses pathos to appeal to the audience. “ For example, about 1 percent of kids in the U. S. are born with fetal alcohol effects, because their mothers drank during pregnancy. ” Here the author attempts to woo female readers to quit drinking while pregnant. He also utilizes logos. He uses a clear title for the article, which enables the readers to grasp the content quickly. The author has a good transition between the sentences exhibiting features of a good article. Kristof’ s article also exhibits the use of ethos.

His language diction is quite simple and can easily be understood by the audience. For example, he says, “ Randomized trials of Nurse-Family Partnership proved their worth, and Duke Connects has recently done the same, showing that each dollar invested saves $3 later. ” This is an indication that he did some research to illustrate how investing in children could save the country some bucks in future, which adds to the credibility of his claims. However, the incidences of previous researches to back up his claims are scanty significantly lowering the article’ s credibility.

Nonetheless, the article is well presented in a manner that readers can easily digest.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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