Shrinking in a Bad Economy: Americas Entrepreneur Class by John Bussey – Article Example

The paper "Shrinking in a Bad Economy: America’s Entrepreneur Class by John Bussey" is a great example of a business article review.
Within the article entitled “Shrinking in a Bad Economy: America’s Entrepreneur Class,” the author, John Bussey, discusses how the recent recession in the United States impacted people who own their own businesses or are self-employed. I learned that the recession has really hurt the entrepreneur class in America. There are fewer people trying to start their own businesses these days, and those people who do have their own businesses are failing and losing a lot of the money they have put into their businesses(Bussey). I also learned that these small businesses are very important for the economy overall as they hire people, which directly impacts the rate of job growth in America(Bussey). The job growth in a country often is an important indicator of a country’s economic health. Lastly, I learned that entrepreneurs who are involved with technology tend to be more successful than entrepreneurs involved in more traditional areas(Bussey). This is probably because technology is a huge market right now, and there is a greater need for this type of businesses than for others.

 My opinion of this article is that it is very frightening in terms of the United States’ economic recovery. A large part of the economy in this country depends on these small businesses, and if these businesses are failing, for the most part, it is likely that it will take even longer for the economy to recover, if ever. Also, the failure of these businesses is frightening because they are responsible for many of the jobs in the country, and if they are not hiring, more people will be out of work, which could cause more poverty and homelessness. I think that the United States needs to do everything it can to help small business owners if they really want the country to get back on track.