Reaction Paper – Article Example

Introduction Survival of print media in the modern times has become questionable; there has been a lot of debate on this matter. The topic of today’s discussion is “Will Print Newspapers Survive in the Current Business Environment?” This chapter expresses two different points of views about print media. Robert Kuttner’s “The Race” is written in favour of print media, while Eric Klineberg argues against it in his article “Breaking the News”.
The Race
According to Kuttner, print newspapers can survive in the future, if journalists work professionally. In explaining his motive, he gives the example of poor quality of news that are published on web; moreover, he refers to the flop ideas of web only newspapers and magazines that have failed. He further argues that newspapers are still primary source of spreading the word, and even most of the websites cite them. Thus, he asks journalists to stick to their job, and do not despise over what amateurs have.
Breaking the News
Newspapers have the power to break or make news, it doesn’t matter, what is the nature or what it contains. However, with the increasing number of news websites, and discussion blogs, the giants of newspaper industry have started to lose their grip. According to Klineberg, newspapers are losing their circulations on regular basis; however, investors and shareholders are still demanding the same volume of profits. Further, he argues that relative change in the market and profit of online newspapers in comparison to decrease in the circulation of printed newspaper. Considering the profit margin, and the popular trends, Klineberg does not give any hopeful comment regarding the future of print media.
Despite the changing trends of 21st century, one cannot completely overlook the importance of a newspaper (Dimmick, Chen and Li. P. 32). However, the present state of online news is of poor quality, it lacks pure journalism. Therefore, it is still to early to decide that whether print newspapers will survive in the future or not.
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