Public Health Program Planner – Article Example

The paper "Public Health Program Planner" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences&medicine
A thorough interview program that was recently conducted within the public health department seeking to recruit one of the key personnel attracted various candidates. At the end of all the process, only one woman emerged successful because of her outstanding prowess in that field.
She plays major roles in her current position that have to do with the aspect of overseeing and managing various health department tasks which include: school health, surveillance in monitoring diseases, co-direct Everett Committee Health Partnerships (ECHP), and even immunizations. She is also responsible for managing the budgets, database, and ensuring the general health and consciousness of Everett residents.
The main basis why she had secured her current position was due to the fact that she had a Masters in Public Health (MPH) which was the requirement. The only mishap was that she had not yet received any sort of practical training for that position by then, but by now she is well endowed with more experience than ever before. For instance, she recently attended the Massachusetts Health Officer Association Meeting, as well as online exercise for Emergency Preparedness, and conferences for Emergency Preparedness and current regional convention - again for the Emergency Preparedness.
She also expounded on the greatest challenges of her current occupation in that, it has to do with extensive decision-making dilemma - especially in the process of prioritization. This was mainly witnessed when she was dwelling on various projects that included; The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), expansion of the Everett Committee Health Partnerships (ECHP), among others.
From her descriptions, this woman seemed to bear a very outstanding leadership style as she mostly ensured that people who worked under her umbrella cleared chances of improving on their skills by giving them lots of encouragement and opportunities. So, all in all, she wishes to be considered in this job opportunity simply because of her good qualities of being a critical thinker as well as being pro-active and not reactive.