What is Prototyping – Article Example

The paper “What is Prototyping” is an exceptional example of an article review on information technology.
The document explains an article titled “What is Prototyping” written by Vicki L. Sauter published on 2nd February 2012. The author explained that the prototyping is one of the techniques/processes for development of software applications and it is an iterative process can be used in diverse phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC). The author described several benefits, drawbacks of prototyping and resulted that currently, the software industry is following only six (6) out of seventeen (17) guidelines of prototyping. The prototyping process focuses on the customer’s problem and facilitates to provide a solution as per the requirements of the customer (Sauter, 2012).
The most surprising benefits that I found in the article include: the prototyping reduces development time, cost, reduces risks and proposes future enhancements of the software application. It surprised me as it opposed my initial concept of prototyping that it takes more time because it iterates till the satisfaction of the customer, hence, it would increase the development cost of the software application. But in actual the prototyping process reiterates in the initial phases of the SDLC, therefore, the defaults in the system can be identified by the customer in the early phases, therefore, it avoids a lot of rework if the defaults/bugs found in the later phases. Hence, it can be stated that the prototyping not only reduces time but also the development cost and risks of the developing the software applications. Moreover, the risks can be managed by using paper prototypes that guide the manager to develop different screens on paper emphasizing the risks of the project (Snyder, 2012).