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Project Management Business Benefits of Strategic AnalysesStrategic planning has three elements namely; strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation. Strategic analysis techniques are applied in project management in the development of the business case in the project’s life cycle during the implementation phase (Bentley pg. 9). The idea or plan that initiated the project will be refined into the directive and later developed into a feasible project plan. This project will be represented by the project initiation document during commencement phase. Strategic analyses will employ the use of strategic planning tools; SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) and PESTELE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Educational, Legal and Environmental) in the intention of identifying potential business benefits of the project. The SWOT analysis in the project disclosed the weakness of leadership in the organization’s existing model.

The model did not focus on team development or performance; two factors that can help improve organization’s performance. This model revealed lack of understanding in relation to what comprised of good performance. Educational and Social components of PESTELE discovered a weak attitude towards learning and this was entrenched in old fashioned views of success in an organization.

The issues raised became central focus in a management programme customized to support organizational change. Purpose of Leadership and Communication in Project ImplementationThere are various project management systems that require the leadership of both project manager and project team and communication between the two parties. These systems will not work without the work unit. Prince2 is an example of project management systems that is most effective when leadership and communication take center stage in an organization (Bentley pg. 80). The project manager has an important role of preparing the Project Initiation Document (PID) and also selecting appropriate and competent project team (Bentley pg.

16). A project manager should be possess effective leadership qualities and clear intentions of the project giving a time period through planning. Project planning should be written in details and also explained to the Board so as to obtain consent and authority to proceed with the project. The authority given will represent the closure of initiation phase in the project’s life cycle. Implementation phase is where leadership and communication roles of the project manager are are manifested.

A team of competent workforce is selected through advertisement and interviews. Work will begin when the team has been assembled and the project manager assigns tasks to each individual but working as a team. Coaching and mentoring is the work of project manager in inspiring the project team and also making them achieve their goals and also those of the organization (Bentley pg. 22). Leadership techniques help a manager to identify, address and rectify poor performance so as to ensure that the project’s products are successfully delivered. Comparison of PRINCE2 and PMBOK as Methods of Project ManagementProjects in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) are a method of project management that mainly focuses on management components of projects.

This method provides direction on the planning, delegation, monitoring and control of all essentials of the projects with key objectives in place within the anticipated performance targets for cost, time, benefits and also risks (Bentley pg. 28). Prince2 accomplishes these things through specification structures and processes, roles and responsibilities within the project team and also at the organizational level.

Prince2 provides the tools needed for carefully specification of deliverables, manage changes and costs and also to authorize projects. It also provides short lines of communication that lead to quick decision making and also ensures that senior managers are actively involved (Bentley pg. 39). This method however does not explain the technical responsibilities of the project team members.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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