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Construct a report to your Project Director summarising the business benefits of your project. Justify your conclusions with reference to the strategic analyses conductedStrategic Planning consist of strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation. The foremost of it is strategic analysis which is used by businesses to in project management and helps to improve the implementation process. During the process the main idea is refined in a manner which provides the required project plan and helps in the starting phase of the project. It includes various tools like SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) and PESTELE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Educational, Legal and Environmental) which helps to understand the benefits the project will provide in the long course. SWOT analysis in my case, states that leadership is an aspect which needs to be looked into.

Improving the leadership aspect will help to improve communication and understanding thereby helping to improve the performance. The PESTEL analysis highlighted weakness in areas of social and educational analysis which will help to improve performance. The importance of these issues magnifies in case of management development program as it helps to find out the required changes the organization need. Critically examine and describe the purpose of leadership and communication in the implementation of projects generally.

You should specifically consider the role of project manager and the identification of other roles in the project team. Price2 is a project management system which works when it receives effective communication and signals from humans. The effectiveness of the project management system relies upon humans and if they are able to provide the required leadership and communication it will help to ensure proper use of management system. This increases the role of the project manager as he has to prepare the required initiation document.

The project manager has to communicate and plan clearly so that the goals are communicated and worked upon. Care must be taken to ensure that it is done both orally and in writing. The importance of this document increases due to the authority mentioned at the bottom of the project document. During the implementation phase the project manager must chose a team which is effective and should be chosen after proper advertisement and interviews to ensure effectiveness. The project manager during the tenure of the work must ensure that the employees are motivated continuously.

He needs to inspire the members and must use his leadership skills to ensure effectiveness in skills. Finally, the project manager should show leadership and address the issues so that the delivery of the project is better. Critically examine PRINCE2 as a method of Project Management by comparing it to another method. You should explain the advantages and limitations of each. Prince2 is a project management method which focuses on the important aspect of project management and helps in the completion of projects.

It provides guidance related to planning, delegation, monitoring and control thereby helping them to achieve the organizational goals by adhering to the time, cost and benefits. This is achieved through Prince2 as it helps to define the process, structure and role of employees at the organizational and within projects level. This method doesn’t put responsibilities on members. Prince2 also helps to ensure that cost and changes are managed in an effective way. This ensures that the communication process is quick and faster decisions are made by the senior members.

This helps the project to succeed and ensures efficiency in operations. The Project Management Institute publishes the project management report known as the Project Management Body of Knowledge which links the inputs to outputs through different tools and helps to standardize the approach. Prince2 has a single process compared to Project Management Body of Knowledge which makes the process less perspective and analogous. Prince2 has a history of generating reports which are accurate and within the stipulated time and cost structure. Describe how you would identify, access and manage the risks to the success of your project.

Critically assess the suitability of this method in the context of your own project. Businesses encounter both identified and unidentified risk. Out of both the risk businesses plan for identified risk in their project initiation document. New risk keeps on adding to the previous list as business encounters those. This makes it important to identify risk from the point of severity and chances of happening so that steps can be developedThis risk can be measured on a 2 X 2 chart which shows the high and low risk involved in each dimension and steps can be taken accordingly.

The system can be made more complex by using it in three dimension or segment. This will complicate the matter and needs to be used only is exceptional situations so that the results are better. Risk measured in this way will be dynamic and proper thereby enabling to use proper action plan to deal with those. This was a similar method employed by me to identify all the risk involved in my project. The four risks that were identified were either of high or medium magnitude.

These risks were then controlled and ways developed to ensure that the project was completed on time along with cost and quality.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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