Roberto Cavalli to open the first Cavalli Club in Dubai – Article Example

The paper "Roberto Cavalli to open the first Cavalli Club in Dubai" is a perfect example of an article on journalism and communication. The Big Apple will soon get to experience Italian opulence in the s newest and most happening club with the opening of the Roberto Cavalli Club. This offers a different kind of nightclub experience that fuses the lavishness that only the Italian designer can concoct with the fun and excitement that the crowd has to offer. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel will be host to the latest addition to the Cavalli Clubs after the success of its predecessor at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai which debuted in November 2008 and ignited the entire Cavalli Club franchise. The opening is just in time for the famous designer’s birthday celebration which makes for an even grander celebration. The presence of the Cavalli Club in New York at no less than the historical and luxurious Waldorf Astoria is a perfect combination to pair with a club which features not only a spot to be seen but an entire lifestyle. The club mainly in black and gold also includes accents of tiger print furniture personally designed and handpicked by no other than Roberto Cavalli. The animal print is an enthralling contrast to the overall texture of the place. The primary look of the place showcases understated elegance that is sure to attract the hippest crowd not only of the city but globetrotters as well. The food will compose of only the finest ingredients prepared by the most experienced and discriminating chefs. The Cavalli Club which has opened in other idyllic places such as Florence and Milan apart from its farther Dubai counterpart introduced a new kind of party from the Italian designer. Cavalli is breaking barriers by choosing the most fascinating locations. A deconsecrated church in Florence was transformed from a 15th-century abandoned church to the site of his endeavor without altering the building’s original structure in accordance with Italian regulations. The Waldorf location is no exception with the highest standards of quality implemented. The look and the feel of the place are simply synonymous with Roberto Cavalli.