Policy Brief: Oral Health And Childhood Obesity – Article Example

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Executive SummaryObjectiveChild obesity and oral health care are not issues that should be treated lightly. Little kids, even those who are past the infant stage, do not have strong reasoning abilities that can help them make sound decisions concerning their health. This is a comprehensive essay that aims to, exhaustively, cover child obesity and health care. It will focus on Australia, although data from other countries may be used for comparison and clarity. It will discuss in details, the causes and key drivers to child obesity. It will explain different situations and environment, and give appropriate recommendations based on solid research and knowledge.

It will approach the issue of oral health care among little children from a medical perspective, giving differences between poor and excellent oral health care, and sound appraisals for each one of them. DataThe data used in this essay is based on research and knowledge from several reading, which are all listed as references. Every borrowed information and statement has been cited. Key WordsChild obesity, oral health, oral health care, young children, parents and guardiansIntroductionObesity and oral health care among children are among the medical topics of the modern age that have been on heated debates in the recent past(The National Health Survey, 2009).

Different panelists have come up with a diversity of views and recommendations on these issues. However, there is still so much that should be addressed to bring the heat down. Gingivitis and dental caries are common among little children aged, seven years and below, while obesity is another key health issue that is like a night mare to many children (Swinburne Institute for Social Research, 2009). Australia is not an exception. Definition for key termsChild ObesityObesity is a severe form of overweight.

Obesity is measured in terms of the BMI (Body Mass Index). It is a medical condition where one accumulates excess body fats, posing a danger to their health. However, obesity has been described as an accumulation of the body’s weight fat to more than 20% of the entire body (Riltzer 2003). Child obesity is a dangerous health situation, which involves accumulation of body fats in children, affecting their wellbeing. Oral healthA healthy smile is one of the gifts of life that is desired by everyone, at all ages.

Oral health is a medical term that describesthe health of the mouth; the condition of the teeth, the breath, or the general health of the mouth. It is simply the general well being of the mouth; that is, teeth, tongue, and the breath (Riltzer, 2003). Child Obesity and Oral HealthCauses of ObesityThere are many causes of child obesity. However, to describe it in a single statement, we may say that child obesity is brought about when children take in more energy than what they use daily.

The energy will be converted into glycogen and stored as fat in the body (Ha D, Roberts-Thomson K & Armfield J 2011). Past and Projected Child Obesity RatesOECD. Retrieved from: http: //www. oecd. org/media/oecdorg/directorates/directorateforemploymentlabourandsocialaffairs/46069892Graph%201.PNG. , Downloaded: 9th August, 2012

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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