What Stocks To Buy by Mankwin – Article Example

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The paper "What Stocks To Buy by Mankwin" is a brilliant example of an article on macro and microeconomics. The aim to pass across the point that while it is immensely difficult to presume which stocks are the best for investment. It is much safer to invest in those that do not fluctuate easily than investing in those that may be doing well at the time in question. However, he puts emphasis on the fact that stock markets are unpredictable even to those that are experts in the field. This information being as dire as it is in the financial market the author uses humor to lighten the dapper of the entire situation.

The line, “ If I knew anything good about a company, that news would be incorporated into the stock’ s price before I had the chance to act on it, ” (Mankwin, 1) for instance, makes use of humor to lighten the mood and also to lessen the complexity of the article for the less economically-knowledgeable reader.   His ideas are helpful on a great deal, as firstly, they ensure that interested persons do not make mistakes that other people have previously made.

The author cites the employment managers as one such waste of financial resources as they grant no bearing. Furthermore, the article also allows one to predict variations in stock prices, incline more towards holding stocks as a safe bet as well as ensuring the diversification of one’ s stock investment. These are presumably the most important factors that one would have to consider if their investment(s) in the stock market were to bear success. The author has the credibility to make the statements in question as he has a credible education in economics, works in the economic field, and has based his argument on market research.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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