Australian University Students Rely on Drugs to Help Them Study by Worthington – Article Example

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The paper "Australian University Students Rely on Drugs to Help Them Study by Worthington" is a delightful example of an article on sociology. The analysed article is from ABC Radio Australia, and it is authored by Worthington Elsie. It is posted on the ABC Radio Australia website, and it was last updated on October 23rd 2013. This article is about the Australian university students who heavily depend on drugs, so as to be able to study. The article is based on research done in Australian universities, and it is titled “ New research finds Australian University students rely on drugs to help them study. ” This article clearly portrays the evidence that most students in the universities of Australia indeed rely on drugs so as to boost their grades averages (Worthington, 2013).

Drugs used to increase attention and alertness by ADHD patients like Ritalin is highly used by students before exams or even on big study days. University students do not struggle to find these drugs since they are readily available in the market and at a low cost (Worthington, 2013). The article was published so as to sensitize the universities students in Australia on the dangers of using drugs and the effects of the same.

This will also send an awareness message to the university authorities in Australia; this will help them in controlling the situation and will also help in teaching the university students on merits and demerits of drug abuse (Worthington, 2013). The university authorities should put up regulations and screening so as to know students who use drugs. This article would also be relevant to medical boards since it will create awareness.

The medical boards should put uptight rules so as to ensure that medical practitioners and pharmacists do not sell drugs with no prescription especially to students. The drugs which are used by the students should not be sold over the counter so as to avoid abuse there should be strict prescription rules (Altheide, 2009). Although this article was researched in Australia University it is evident even in other countries like Germany and United States university students also uses drugs as a way of helping them study but in all this Australia is leading (Altheide, 2009).

Most university students use drugs to boost their performance and they believe that drugs help them work even harder. It is evident that this is happening to colleges and even in secondary schools since most students have access to drugs (Altheide, 2009). This article portrays a number of themes one of them being ignorance, most of the university students assumes that by using drugs they will be able to tackle more work than they normally do, others uses drugs for increased attention and alertness.

To university students’ drugs helps them in achieving their academic goal and so to them, drugs are not as bad as we think since they help them pass their examinations (Ashworth, 2000). Although university students are highly trained they forget the other side of drugs, they got hooked with them thus becoming addicts.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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