Persistence of Poverty – Article Example

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The paper "Persistence of Poverty" is a wonderful example of an article review on social science. Gautreaux may be defined as a modern development mechanism that focuses on providing more housing options for people. The term was after the activism efforts by Dorothy Gautreaux. The article also creates the assumption that the nation’ s urban poverty problem needs to be addressed effectively considering the rising poverty levels.   McClure is of the assumption that developing housing programs would be significant in the efforts to eradicate poverty. The argument is based on that modern housing requirement are very expensive.

Considering that housing is a basic commodity, people spend a lot of resources in attaining efficient housing facilities. This minimizes the level at the society eradicates poverty. The Chicago Gautreaux Assisted Housing Program was aimed at relocation poor African Americans to white neighborhoods in Chicago Suburbs. However, the program was criticized for numerous challenges including racism cases. The success of the program was also limited since the state required numerous requirements that hindered the ease at which poor people could access the benefits.   Poverty is one of the main challenges in the United States.

Poor people are alienated in the society as they are subjected to poor housing facilities. The Federal Reserve System points out that the situation is made worse since poverty is concentrated. For this reason, poverty-stricken communities grow rapidly.   There are numerous efforts by the government to put in place mechanisms that would develop regional cities. The efforts are aimed at eliminating economic segregation. However, challenges from both the social and political institutions have limited the effectiveness of the efforts put in place by the state.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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