Parenting And Gender Roles – Article Example

Parenting Affiliation Parenting Parenting, like all roles in society, has undergone massive change. Gender roles have been revised inrespect to parenting to current times. This paper will discuss this aspect as explained by Aulette, Judy.
The evolution of parenting dates back to the dawn of women’s rights. It was then when women began taking part in more economic activities. This called for a revision of the roles at home. According to Aulette (2010), fathers have taken a more hands on approach on parenting since this dawn. In the past, a father’s only duty was to feed, clothe, and protect his family. Now fathers around the globe are taking centre stage with some even abandoning their careers to be stay at home dads. In the past, mothers were a child’s primary source of guidance and council as fathers were often distant. Fathers were mostly involved in economical matters. In present times, fathers are more involved in their children’s lives than ever before. Aulette (2010), states that fathers are have taken their place as the heads of households to the next level. They are now involved in all decisions pertaining to their children’s lives up to a certain age. Positive impacts have been noted form this change. Now, children are provided the ultimate experience of having a father figure. This is beneficial to their emotional growth. However, this has affected some children negatively as overreliance on parental care and attention has rendered them incapable of growth.
Time has led to an evolution of the family setting. Fathers are more involved in parenting while mothers have taken to the labor market. This has benefit some children as they have ample father figure relationships while some over rely on parental care and hence are incapable of growth.
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