Oldest Known Fossil In Human Lineage Found In Ethiopia by Alexandra Sifferlin – Article Example

The paper "Oldest Known Fossil In Human Lineage Found In Ethiopia by Alexandra Sifferlin" is an excellent example of an article review on anthropology. According to the author of the article, a team of United States led researchers were able to find a partial jawbone and teeth of what is believed to be the oldest fossil. The researchers believe this discovery is the oldest species to have evolved to humankind. The fossil was found a few miles from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The researchers believe that the fossil is around 2.8 million years old. This has helped fill in the gaps about human evolution.  The researchers believe that the fossil they unearthed is 400,000 years older than the previously oldest fossil. According to a study author, at the University of Nevada (Brian Villmoare), the fossil is the first Homo and will help explain the evolution of humans.
This discovery will help researchers fill in the gaps in the evolution of humans. Over the years, there have been a lot of discussions on the evolution of humans due to the gaps that researchers were unable to explain. However, this discovery will be welcomed since it will now help researchers fill in some of the gaps in the evolution story. The journalist writes the article based on a report that the researchers who discovered the fossil posted in the journal of science. The author does not fully disclose the contents of the report, the only highlights the important parts, i.e. where the fossil was unearthed, how old the fossil is, to which species the fossil belongs and the impact of the discovery. The discovery also confirms that Africa is the cradle of humanity.