Health Benefits from Mobile Phones by Olla – Article Example

The paper "Health Benefits from Mobile Phones by Olla" is a worthy example of an article on health science and medicine. Mobile health is a term recently used to refer to public and medical health practice, which obtains support from a mobile device such as patient monitoring devices, mobile phones, PDAs, and other wireless gadgets. There have been changes in the way services are being offered by the health care industry, due to the current digital age getting involved with many essential devices. Mobile devices have, therefore, been used to improve the way medical information is obtained and processed on a comprehensive scale (Olla, 2009). Mobile devices have emerged to be the best gadgets in offering health care services to people, especially those separated from health service providers by distance and geography. Mobile health has therefore used these devices in collecting clinical and community health data, delivering healthcare information to researchers, patients, and practitioners, real-time observation of patient vital signs, and provision of direct health care (Olla, 2009). Through mobile health, health workers get an opportunity to reference a large and comprehensive database of diseases, remedies, conditions, and various treatment options. Mobile applications also link health workers to medical portals, enabling them to access information on other doctors, health practices, and even facilities globally. Apart from that, mobile applications offer instant access to a quickly expanding medical field. Incorporating mobile technology into healthcare has become common in performing several data acquisition tasks. Mobile networks are currently used for physiological monitoring of parameters like an electrocardiogram, heart rate, electroencephalogram monitoring, blood oximetry, and blood pressure. Other alternative uses include monitoring of physical activity of parameters such as gastrointestinal telemetry fall detection, movement, and location tracking (Olla, 2009). In conclusion, this paper gives a clear definition of mobile health and reveals how mobile devices have provided support in improving the health care services of many health industries. Mobile phones are seen to provide isolated communities with easy access to health services through the internet. Health workers also benefit from these mobile phones where they simplify their work in the medical field.