4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum – Article Example

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The paper "4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum" is a brilliant example of a politics article. There are four major issues in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, ly borders, Jerusalem, refugees, and security (Nissenbaum). While the original point of focus was the Green Line dividing the West Bank and Israel, boundaries are prone to change in the future depending upon circumstances. In exchange for maintaining certain big Jewish settlements along the West Bank, Israel might consent upon letting the Palestinians take hold of a 20-mile narrow land strip between Gaza and the West Bank through southern Israel.

However, Israel’ s border with Syria would still remain unresolved. Jerusalem is a major point of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Palestine might claim Jerusalem as its capital city whereas it is claimed to be its capital by Israel now. The intertwining of the Arab and Jewish neighborhoods makes carving Jerusalem a poorly gerrymandered political district. Israel and Palestine have failed to reach an agreement on what they should do about the Old City’ s 35 acres of land at the center which is sacred to Muslims as well as Jews.

A very pressing issue for the Arab leaders is the fate of nearly over 4.4 million Palestinian refugees who are descendants of Palestinians whose homes have been filed in Israel. Israel would not let the Palestinians come back to Israel as it would threaten the status of the country as a predominantly Jewish nation. The fourth major issue between Israel and Palestine is of security. Israelis are not willing to accept a Palestinian nation in their neighborhood that is well-armed because Israel has been largely in a state of war with its Arab neighbors.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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