Mental Illness Problems in African American Youths by Choe Daniels, Stoddard and Zimmerman – Article Example

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The paper “ Mental Illness Problems in African American Youths by Choe Daniels, Stoddard and Zimmerman" is a brilliant version of an article on psychology. The authors' main aim is to pass the information on the various ways young adults face a problem with the mental illness caused by family conflicts. They explain the effects that affect the youth and the possible consequences they pass through. They also give out the possible solution to the problem by creating a case study. The article has got a number of researches to find the solution to the problem of mental illness.

The article has got several interviews undertaken to solve problems concerning the mental illness providing case studies. There are records which show the possible experiences various youths have faced and the possible solutions. There exist different trajectories in the African American families concerning the mental illness of problems that face the young people in the families. There are a lot of problems caused by the mental illness problems that face the youths of African American families. In research, it is also proved that there is no direct trajectory of the problem from the families that face the mental illness unless the families have differences in the internal behavior and the external psychopathology of the victims.

It has been proved that there are four main trajectories which cause the family conflicts with the young adolescent in the African American families where forty-nine percent of the youth affected are the boys. The classes’ trajectories from the cases of anxiety, the symptoms proved, and the violent characters of the victims of twenty years. Such families report cases that are more prone to the mental illness that faces adolescents in their families.   There are so many family conflicts that are formed from the young people concerning the mental illness that face adolescents from the African American families due to the trajectory categories that are formed (Laursen & Collins, 2009).

So many families that have differences have really affected the young people causing stress to them making them to develop the mental illness. As they experience the problem they develop impacts into their minds causing destruction into their lives.

Such young adolescents do not have enough time to stay with their family members because of the problems they face when they experience the mental illness. Instead, they prefer being outside to release stress caused by the trajectories of conflicts. The young adolescents need support from the entire families and the neighbors by getting the support, harmony and the conflict. During their growth of independence, they need to have moral support because at the end of the day they face effects. When a young adolescent is affected with the family conflicts he or she needs the parent to child care to make him or she understand the goodness of the family.

This will help the young adolescent to have a good parental control and the emotional feeling come into line. The family conflicts make the adolescents to have a healthy mental problem which may lead to a large effect. This cans also the make the young adult to have changes in his or her social characters and behaviors. As most of the youth in the United States face such problem mostly during high school time, they also learn a lot from the experience and this is the time that their psychopathology also increases.

When a family shifts to a low social class that is less structured, it affects the young adult creating stress and eventually it dictated the minds of the young adults. Such young adults find it hard to adapt their demands in the family and instead it creates a high mental effect into the young adults. The young adult’ s mind is dictated by the behavior of the parents who will portray the good family character to their children.

This will dictate the perspective of the young adult’ s mind on marriage. This is also depicted from the symptoms a young adult can possess. This may make the young adult have good behavior or be violent in the house. In conclusion of the authors, family psychosocial can make young adults have a high level of mental disorders. More of the trajectories affect the families for the high school young adults whereby they suffer a lot. This is a study done to the high school young adults who face the mental illness trying to realize the solution to the problem.

The major problem is the mental illness which affects the young adults who are at high school whereby they face the challenges from the family conflicts. The data collection like the use of interviews and sampling were done to identify the real problem. This was also followed by a number of researches and case studies. The results realised from the samples is that seventy five of the families faced the mental illness whereby they were not able to deal with the diseases that attacked them causing most of them to be homeless and a lot of frustrations.

The hypothesis being that most of the high school students fail examination due to the problem of mental illness, this was proved to be through. With the research, it needs more accurate apparatus and information for the approval.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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