Media Reviews MR1 – Article Example

On Media Review of Mosley’s Article: Summary and Reflection Summary Mosley’s article narrates on the history of the Feeney Wireless of Eugene (FWE).The company named Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging (FWRR) has an essential difference in comparison to FWE; however, these two companies have in common beyond the name “Feeney” (Mosley D29). Feeney Wireless was originally established by Bob Ralston, one of the heirs of the post-war FWRR.
In 1984, Ralston worked in Eugene’s Emerald People’s Utility District (EEPUD) as a mobile dispatching systems personnel, utilizing two-way radio links. Gradually, he delved into the wireless computer networking for the EEPUD. While working there, an idea sparked in Ralston’s head: This may be a good career to pursue. By November of 2000, Bob Ralston “opened the doors” of FWE (Mosley D29).
Mosley described how the company came to existence prior to his discussion of FWE’s products. First, he stated about the FWRR’s founding in 1976 by the Ralston family. And second, he introduced Bob Ralston and the gradual expansion of their “Feeney umbrella” (Mosley D29). By and large, Mosley’s thesis centers on the transfer of the Ralston’s business empire from cable to computer technology.
FWE’s cellular computer connection technology has great impact both for the business sector and the public sector. With this technology, a policeman’s productivity increases significantly (Mosley D29). To my mind, the importance of FWE’s PTZ-IP Video System is worth the price; it provides a sense of security for the smooth operations of private companies and public agencies.
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