A Prime Environment for Marketing Efforts: Clean Eating – Article Example

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The paper "A Prime Environment for Marketing Efforts: Clean Eating" is a good example of a marketing article review. Clean Eating is published by the Oxygenfit, which manufactures fitness equipment. On the shelf, it is in the environmental, health and lifestyle sections, well displayed and enticing. It fits into a mailbox, mailed in a plastic cover, and looks good on a coffee table. It extends to a very comprehensive and informative website: http: //www. cleaneating. com. The editorial, production and administrative staff are well balanced. The main theme is good health through a natural diet of healthy fresh foods, exercise, and respect for the body and the planet.

The subtitle is: Improving Your Life One Meal at a Time. Each issue centers on a healthy diet theme which is related to the cover illustration. The monthly features have nine main headings: These are: On the Cover; Travel Well; Be Inspired; Get Active; Eat Smart; How-To and Be Well. The balance of gender and visible minorities was very good, but the accompanying photos in articles and advertising are photo-shopped in the interest of beauty. The lead article seldom relates to our product, but the magazine theme and title do since we supply reverse osmosis was purifiers.

The ad and our products are aimed at the ideal target audience for this magazine. Our message is that the reader needs to use clean water also in their daily lives, but we know that they do not like using bottled water because this is wasteful and damaging to our environment. Only one competing ad was found: Fiji bottled water, and we compare quite favorably. This magazine publishes about six issues per year and it has a wide readership appeal.

This is a good environment for our product, and money well spent.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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