Maintaining Solid Corporate Ethics In International Business – Article Example

The paper "Maintaining Solid Corporate Ethics In International Business" is a great example of a business article review.
This article reflects the ethical issues that big multinational companies often face. The author of the article in consideration has highlighted two key areas in which ethical practices are highly overlooked. These ethical issues are unethical outsourcing and lawlessness. Next paragraph analyses the unethical practices relating to outsources followed by a paragraph that highlights lawlessness.
Big multinational companies generally outsource some of their operations in those countries which are not well developed, where lifestyles of people are poor, wage level is substantially lower and working conditions for workers are merciless. These companies normally exploit the poor conditions of the workers of underdeveloped countries and get their work done at a very low cost. In order to cut the cost, basic rights of workers are totally set aside by these companies and those workers put their lives, at times, in extreme danger and complete the tasks in order to earn very low wages. When journalists raise these unethical practices in magazines, then these companies make some adjustments in this regard and take care of those poor workers.
The other important unethical issue raised by the author is the concept of lawlessness. This practice is adopted by many companies with the cooperation of some of the corrupt governments of the world. To generate higher revenues, those corrupt governments support these giant companies on a partnership basis. The end result of this partnership is the generation of higher revenues for the companies and accumulation of money in personal accounts for the government officials. So laws are created in such a manner that they should help companies generating extra revenues and facilitating more opportunities to make corruption for government officials.