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IntroductionStarting a business is like snooping for news, hence, if the news reporters require one to have the ‘nose for news’ business minded people requires having the “nose and eyes for business”. Yes, there are thousands of brilliant business ideas waiting to be dug but finding them does not end the challenge because it is just a beginning of everything. You must know how to effectively start it by identifying the right place, time and target customers. Also, you must have the knack to maintaining the business up and running by keeping track of the products or services as well as ensuring satisfaction of the customers.

Indeed, there’s a lot of tasks required in starting a business and in maintaining it, but at the end of it all, personal satisfaction and of course, profits, are enough to make everything worth it. In lieu of starting a business, who would have thought that personal concierge can be a very promising business? Indeed, it is. There are number of news reports nowadays that reveals that personal concierge provide the much needed service for the busy and/or physically incapable individuals that many have already considered to establish it as a business.

The Personal ConciergeWhat is a personal concierge? What does he/she do? A personal concierge is a combination of a service and a person oriented kind of job. It is considered a service-oriented job because the main responsibility of the personal concierge is to do tasks for and/or in behalf of the customer. There are a lot of going ins and outs that can be expected from this type of work. Also, it is considered as a person-oriented job because it caters to human needs.

A personal concierge will be assisting a person or a group of people to do tasks for them. He/she will have to deal with the customers, talk to them, work with them, know and contact some people for them and even represent them in special occasions for the mere excuse that they have other commitments to attend to. “Concierge services come in almost as many varieties as the chores and errands they help get done (Taylor, 2000 para 4)”. What are the boundaries of work that can be done by the personal concierge?

Frankly speaking, anything that is moral, legal and ethical can be done by the personal concierges (Taylor, 2000 para 3). Everything should be dependent on the agreement of the customer and the personal concierge - the kind of tasks, the frequency of doing it for the customer, the factors to consider in cases wherein the personal concierge will have to decide in behalf of the customer, the amount of time that should be spent for each task – all these are part of the agreement that will be tackled by the customer and the personal concierge.

A personal concierge should always expect the unexpected when it comes to accepting tasks from the clients. It should be noted that clients will contact a personal concierge because he/she could not do a certain task or because his/her time is very limited and that he/she have tons of other tasks to prioritize. With this alone, it can be expected that the most challenging and or extraordinary tasks will be assigned to the personal concierge.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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