Future Directions in Transcultural Nursing in the 21st Century – Article Example

The paper "Future Directions in Transcultural Nursing in the 21st Century" is an exceptional example of an article review on nursing.
Transcultural nursing emerged from the theory of culture care diversity and universality so as to provide knowledge of nursing individuals from diverse cultures. Madeleine Leininger addresses six main trends in the direction of TCN in the 21st century. The first trend is that there will be more cultural changes that will make nursing more transcultural, leading to modifications in nursing education, as well as practice. Nurses are expected to interact with people from diverse cultures with different needs. Another trend will be a shift to TCN model. This model entails considering multiple, holistic, social structures as well as environmental factors that influence health, care, disabilities, dying and other illnesses linked to affluent and poor cultures. Comparative culture care knowledge should be incorporated into the nursing curriculum to make the nurses more conversant with handling patients from different cultures differently. The third trend is about observing holistic as well as the quality nursing care that honors consumers’ beliefs, lifeways, and cultural values. The community should be allowed to participate in the management of their health. Thus, health care professionals will be required to handle their consumers with respect to their religious and cultural values and involve them in decision-making. Moreover, another trend will be stress on qualitative research design to find out, explain and interpret different comparative culture health and core values and beliefs. The findings of these researches will help nurses have trans-cultural knowledge that will help them avoid cultural conflicts that may lead to poor nursing outcomes. Another major trend will be world marketing of trans-cultural knowledge by health services institutions and academic disciplines. Furthermore, several different ethical, political, legal and spiritual issues due to improved technology will emerge. These issues will be addressed in the ethical code that will be updated. Mass communication will also be a trend since most nurses will be able to learn about TCN and incorporate it into practice. In summary, TCN should train nurses to work in culturally diverse institutions.