Effectiveness of Nutrition Education on Fast Food Choices in Adolescents – Article Example

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The paper "Effectiveness of Nutrition Education on Fast Food Choices in Adolescents" is an exceptional example of an article review on nursing. The US faces the growing health concern of adolescent obesity. Calorie intake is particularly increased as a result of the growing trend of dining in fast food restaurants. This study was done to assess the way nutrition education might influence food choices made by a group of adolescents in a simulated fast food environment. For this purpose, the researchers asked ten adolescents to select food items of their choice from the menu of a fast food restaurant.

The researchers calculated the nutrition makeup of the meals chosen by the research participants. After that, the researchers gave a 30-minute session of nutrition education to the research participants. After completion of the session, the research participants were asked to select a meal one more time from the very menu that they were given before. The researchers again calculated the nutrition make-up of the food items chosen by the research participants after the intervention. The researchers drew a comparison between the nutrition makeup of the pre- and post-intervention food items selected by the research participants.

Analysis of the data led the researchers to the finding that there existed a statistically significant difference in the nutrition makeup of the meals selected by the research participants before and after the intervention. Food items selected post-intervention were found to be healthier compared to the ones selected pre-intervention in this group of research participants. This is a very good research that provides evidence for the importance of nutrition education. People’ s food choices can be made particularly healthier if arrangements can be made to educate them at such places as fast food restaurants.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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