Life Is a Smorgasbord by Dan Lewis – Article Example

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The paper "Life Is a Smorgasbord by Dan Lewis " is an outstanding example of an article on English. Life is a Smorgasbord illustrates how life offers a wide range of choices. This paper draws a summary of this article. It also includes a discussion on life choices based on the article. It will entail how a person decides what is important in their personal life. It will subsequently discuss how those decisions influence the choices that one makes. Summary All preparations to mark Aunt Elaine fiftieth birthday were complete.

Dinner at Aunt Elaine favorite restaurant and a surprise party at their place would mark her fiftieth birthday. Although Mac was initially not supportive of the idea, he had to attend after much conviction from his mother. Everybody was to play music at the party and Mac could not imagine the scenario of all the different instruments and their voices in one party. There was excitement in the idea of attending the dinner party where a smorgasbord meal was on offer. However, Mac confers that at his age, he no longer enjoys this meal and its table setting.

He avoided his fear of making menu decisions by eating almost something in everything. He mixed Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Cajun, and American meals in three plate-filling trips and four kinds of desserts. He got a more filling than fulfillment and kept wondering how the others chose specific menus instead of others. Essay I agree that life offers many choices and it is upon us to make the best out of the available choices. Actually, we cannot fully satisfy all our desires and so we must choose just a few for maximum satisfaction.

Personally, I have had opportunities of making life choices and I use various ways in deciding what is important to me. First, I consider what is available. This will include resources like capital, education, tools, information, and family support. The scarcity of resources forbids us from doing everything. This is important because as much as I may be willing to achieve some things or follow certain routes, the fact is that I will require resources. Hence, in the absence of these resources, it might be too hard for me to succeed.

It would only be fair for me to pursue what my background and scarce resources can afford. Otherwise, I will obstruct or prevent others from reaching their destiny too. This has influenced the choices I make in life significantly in that I have been able to limit myself to the few possible choices that are viable. I also consider my interests and talents in deciding what is important in my life. These aspects are inborn and they affect our lives to great extents.

Parents may want me to become a footballer like Wayne Rooney but if I do not have this talent and I have no interest in soccer, it will all be in vain. I would rather not choose to become something that I have no talent or interest to achieve. This has largely influenced my choices in life in that I have chosen to do what is within my interests and capabilities. I have thus been able to enjoy my choices as they correlate with my interests.

I also consider what is legally acceptable in making my life decisions. Everybody is under the law and must abide by it for a peaceful existence. It is not fulfilling to do what is unlawful. However easy and enticing it is, gambling is unlawful and thus deciding on such a practice will only put me on the wrong side of the law. This has influenced my life choices in that I have chosen to venture in what is acceptable by the law and society.

I find peace in my choices because I have nothing to fear and thus derive maximum experience and enjoyment. I also consider possible benefits in deciding on what is important. Important things must be beneficial to me and to the community as well. Why use many efforts to pursue something with no certain benefits attached to it? If I choose to study law, it is because I know that after school I will secure employment and be of benefit to society. This has influenced my choices in that I ensure what am doing is worthwhile and not a waste of time.

This has enabled me to fully experience and enjoy my choice of course. I have also learned that a given choice is an opportunity cost of not choosing another. In conclusion, I would advocate for wise decisions that will lead to better choices in life because life is short and we need to reap the best from it within that time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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