Knowledge Workers, Competencies, Virtuality and Management by Farkas, Mria Fekete and L. Gbor Torok – Article Example

The paper "Knowledge Workers, Competencies, Virtuality, and Management by Farkas, Mária Fekete and L. Gábor Török" is a perfect example of an article on management. Nowadays, the ways organizations are working has changed drastically and the employees of the companies have become the most valuable asset of the company. The article was written by Farkas and Török (2011) highlighted the growing trend of knowledge workers which has changed the management structure of the organizations. In recent times, the workers are willing to work in the work environment that will give them the opportunity of availing the level of work autonomy. The workers are believed to be managers of their own and it results in two outcomes i.e. the managerial roles and functions have to undergo various changes along with the emergence of new roles and functions expectations. It is crucial for the organizations to ensure that adequate attention is given to the emotions of the workers from two perspectives i.e. behavior within the organization and operations of the market. The virtual working environment has eased the communication and information exchange within the organization; the virtual environment is created with the successive usage of technological advancements that have been made possible with the help of globalization. It has become important for the managers of the organizations to ensure that the work is created in a way that it will help in creating knowledge within the organization so that learning can be enhanced within the business operations. The managers need to learn the ways of managing the knowledge workers and the foundation for creating such workforce are the competencies of the workers that are mandatory for ensuring that positions are created in a way that supports a good performance by the knowledge workers.