Kael on Roger and Me – Article Example

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The paper "Kael on Roger and Me" is a wonderful example of an article on visual arts and film studies. Pauline Kael, a film critic asserts that Roger & Me is an inaccurate factual film despite its comic attributes. She argues that Mr. Moore has the guilt of manipulating historical events sequences as well as compressing them with the intent of political and emotional impression. Kael affirms that the film is misleading and biased in its setup and characterization. For instance, Mr. Moore altered the sequence of political events that actually happened long back in history.

Kael argues that the film has satirical exaggerations. That irrelevance, ridicule, and satire contributed to the success of the film form Kael’ s thesis. The elements are misleading and form the core of exaggeration which satire depends on. The villain of the film, for instance, is an artistic deformation of the factual world. Kael criticizes the relevance of the film based on the perceived inexperience of Mr. Moore in filming technology. Pauline argues that documentaries in film and journalism should obey the rules of objectivity and balance in a similar manner as other media sources such as television and newspapers.

Kael criticizes the reality of expressions in the film with the view that it has no dates. She argues that Roger & Me is a ‘ gonzo demagoguery’ . She laments that the film portrays its characters as idiotic except for Mr. Moore who is the director. Mr. Moore does not also display factual allegations on General Motors such as accounts of why the plant closed. She also criticizes Mr. Moore for his witty editorial work on the film.

He displays its characters as more ridiculous than they actually are. Besides, it presents a false impression of Flint’ s economic calamity. She argues that Mr. Moore’ s allegations depict General Motors’ as the sole source of a collapse of Flint town.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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