Hole: An Analysis of Juvenile Justice – Article Example

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The paper "Hole: An Analysis of Juvenile Justice" is an outstanding example of a law article review. In the video “ Hole” , which looks at the system of juvenile justice in a “ camp and wilderness” facility where the juveniles detained all wear the same orange jumpers, do hard labor, are physically and emotionally abused by their overseers, and are intimidated to perform the duties required of them. The physical attributes are reminiscent of adult correction facilities with similar wardrobes and the performance of hard labor, rather than a “ wilderness facility. ” In a scene of the video that reminds one more of Oliver asking for more porridge in Dickens's Victorian nightmare, “ Oliver Twist, ” the youths are made to grovel for water, are intimidated and embarrassed by the adults in charge, and treated with little regard for their humanity, and are encouraged to solve differences by fighting, rather than discussing their problems. The five goals of juvenile justice are hardly met in this clip.

Deterrence could be the most widely met goal of the system in “ Hole, ” as no person would want to return to that lifestyle, although it borders on inhumane treatment saved for the most brutal prisons in Turkey.

There is little or no rehabilitation or reintegration in the facility, as children are made fun of, taught to fight, and any attempts by the adults to teach them life lessons are countervailed by inhumane treatment. There certainly is a lot of punishment, as the kids are made to perform physical labor, beg for water, physically fight each other, and suffer continuous degradation at the hands of the adults. The goals of such “ camps and wilderness programs” are supposed to be “ designed to improve juvenile’ s self-worth, self-concept, pride, and trust in others” (Champion, 12).

There was little of any of that going on in “ Hole. ” There is a certain amount of isolation of the juveniles within this wilderness facility or camp, but almost no opportunities for reintegration into the larger society. The kids are being given no skills to use upon their return to their homes and neighborhoods, other than the lesson of to treat others with contempt, fight to solve your problems and to listen to adults, no matter how abusive they are.

There are some elements of humanity in the video, between characters and a more sympathetic female adult, but those are offset by the conditions and circumstances which surround this abusive lifestyle. The original goal of this facility camp may have been within the juvenile corrections parameters, but has failed miserably at actually carrying out those goals, due to the lack of an understanding of juvenile detention, no assimilation of goals and activities, and an absence of implementation of productive activities by the adults in charge.

Such facilities as this are rife with abuses of the juveniles, as their isolation, lack of supervision, and inherent cruelty contribute to an abuse of power by those in charge. The video was aptly named.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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