Mother Tongue by Amy Tan – Article Example

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The paper "Mother Tongue by Amy Tan" is a worthy example of an article on English. The text informs about the problems faced by the immigrants while moving to the US and speaking the native English language. It projects that due to ‘ broken’ English or incompetency in speaking flawless English the immigrants are not treated well and are not considered seriously in society (Tan 58). For understanding the text it is important to know the value of language in society. The text gives information about the problems faced by the writer and her mother as they were Chinese and English was not their native language.

The text is organized in the form of narration. The claims have been supported by different examples and experiences of a writer from real life and are appropriate and relevant. The examples were based on memories and experiences. The stylistic variations used in the text are represented by incorporating the dialogues of the author’ s mother that show her Chinese origin. The author has emphasized on her personal thoughts and notions about the society and the importance given to the language.

She discussed her past experiences with her mother and showed how insulting she used to feel due to the weak command of her mother on the English language. She has focused on how she turned out to be an English writer although her language skills were not very strong at school. As a metaphor, she has used her mother presenting her as her inspiration for writing English literature. The word choice is simple and easy to read. The appearance of the text is neat, Times New Roman font, thick paper, and no images or diagrams.

No omissions were observed in the text, it was well drafted, supported with examples, coherent, clear and interestingly narrated.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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