Machiavelli: Still Shocking after Five Centuries by S. Patrick – Article Example

The paper "Machiavelli: Still Shocking after Five Centuries by S. Patrick" is a perfect example of an assignment on history. Machiavelli’s work is centered on the claim that politics has a moral logic of its own, which sometimes requires actions to preserve it to ensure it remains in a state regarded as representing the polite in the society. Machiavelli tries to portray and explain how he perceives politics. It is my view that he demeans the people in politics, which is a provocation. Machiavelli’s work was driven by the motivation not only the edification on the reading audience but comes out as a political rehabilitation. In his work, he seeks to ingratiate himself with a character Florence’s new ruler giving the audience an insight into affiliation hence one cannot dismiss to point to political aspiration. By acknowledging the fundamental facts and cardinal legislation of politics, Machiavelli believed in creating a state; a republic; capable of defending itself and its people and be stable from external aggression. He says that instead of one being a saint mentioning sinners of the world, the prince should in his bid to lead, cultivate power rule and ruthlessly. In addition, it should be made use of in crushing enemies, not fearing judgment as wicked, and unscrupulous. It is an understatement when one says he was wicked because Machiavelli uses the exact word for what he meant. Machiavelli is a wicked writer and a politician. His advice to politicians is of deception of oneself statecraft. Wickedness comes clear when he notes that politicians and human beings alike should not portray their real self, or true intentions, or remain faithful to pledges they make in campaigns. Machiavelli’s works are a provocation and advocates for violence. His work is full of statements as others will be false to you, surrounding yourself with powerful subordinates, listen to own counsel, listen to few advisors, eliminate victoriously, keep the noble weak, and divided. He is wicked, an advocate of violence and a typical politician seeking for power.