Is Google Making Us Stupid by Carr – Article Example

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The paper "Is Google Making Us Stupid by Carr" is a brilliant example of an article on technology. According to the article, the internet is making us more and more demanding. However, various individuals have different perceptions regarding the vast information supplied by the internet (Carr, 2008). This is because before the internet was introduced, there was a limited number of information that could be reviewed from sources such as newspapers and magazines among other sources. Nowadays, there are several search engines which have significantly made it easier for people to access valuable information.

In fact, Google among other search engines has encouraged laziness in most sectors because there is too much information that can be accessed from a single source. This article will talk about how Google is making individuals dim-witted in a rapid manner. After reading the article, I conclude that Google is making individuals unintelligent in a vast way. Research asserts that individuals who are mostly glued to the internet in search of information are slowly losing their ability to delve into hard and deep subjects.

Most of the questions that an individual has can be easily addressed using Google among other search engines (Carr, 2008). The internet media supports another type of knowledge that is not considered as real knowledge. Thus, this article has persuaded me that the use of the internet and other related media to research for information is affecting the general thinking capacity of most individuals on the global scene. This article majorly focuses on individuals who substantially rely on the internet without even using their God-given knowledge to make a conclusion regarding any subject matter.

The tone used in the article is not ironic, since, the author is addressing a real-life situation which is affecting most individuals especially the youth. In most cases, the youth use the internet to gain knowledge in examinations and assignments. There are some studies which show that internet users should change their cognitive habits (Carr, 2008). In overall, Google has its advantages and disadvantages to the mental capacity of an individual.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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