Leadership and HRM by Zafar ul Islam Mehmood – Article Example

The paper "Leadership and HRM by Zafar ul Islam Mehmood" is an outstanding example of a business article. A study conducted by Zafar ul Islam Mehmood a Ph.D. scholar of the University of Education, Lahore, in the year 2011 presents the three new types of human resource management leadership styles. The study evaluates the efficiency of transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership styles from the perspective of teachers in four public universities by use of questionnaires. It is, however, with higher levels of keenness that this literature review seeks to determine the effectiveness of using teaching staff as respondents rather than the HRM executives themselves. Having applied descriptive statistics to analyze the data collected in this research study, the conclusions seem to be adequately reliable. 200 university teachers were selected by use of a reliable sampling technique to serve as respondents in the study. The management styles were not, however, allocated the same number of items, which could have favored one style over the other, and hence influenced the findings. In all the three research questions, laissez-faire management topped the results. Zafar’s study leads to the conclusion that laissez-faire makes the most dominant style of leadership amongst public university HRM executives than transformational and transactional leadership styles. However, Zafar might have been misled in his choice of primary source. It would have been more reliable had he/she used the HRM executives themselves as respondents to his questionnaires. That way he would have got the individuals’ response as by their experience as it concerns the three leadership styles. It will be advisable to use the executives as the respondents in future studies. Such a change would enable a comparison between findings as from the real implementers of leadership and the receptors of leadership.