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Spinal Cord Injury A Health Disorder From the case study, I am an individual aged thirty five years, living in Guilford, London and diagnosed with spinal cord injury. This paper therefore is meant to discuss on the spinal cord injury as the health disorder that I have been diagnosed with. The spinal cord is reported be consisting of nerves referred to as the upper motor neurons which has the purpose of taking messages from and to the brain towards the nerves along the tract of the spinal. These nerves therefore are actually networked to other parts of the body normally referred to as the lower motor neurons which communes with particular areas of the body since they are meant to enter and leave at every vertebral level in the body.

We also find that the upper motor neurons are specialized in the communication of messages that concerns the sense of feeling from the skin such as aches, pats, joint positions, temperature. The upper motor neurons on the other hand usually send messages from the brain to instigate actions which include muscle movements.

(Spungen, Lesser, and Bauman, 1995)Therefore the spinal cord injury is basically known as the damage that is usually caused on the spinal cord whereby its consequence is that it affects the functioning of the spinal cord thus reducing the feeling sense of an individual which occurs as a result of damages caused to the white matter which carries sensations and signals to brain. Research indicates that these damages are usually referred to as lesions which come in two different forms the one that affects the neck section referred to as the quadriplegia and that which affects the thoracic section called paraplegia.

The spinal cord injury is said to be caused by many factors and this include; distress that is normally caused by a number of accidents and cancer that usually occur on the spinal cord which this occurs in a number of varieties such as the meningiomas, ependymomas, astrocytomas among other types of cancers. The other causative factor is that of ischemia which is believed to have been caused by the occlusions of the spinal cord blood vessels. The injury may also occur as a result of development disorders these disorders include the spina bifida, polio among others. This paper is to discuss the traumatic spinal cord injury which according to international spinal cord injury classification system is classified into five types as follows.

The complete spinal cord injury; this is an injury which occurs in a situation where the functions for both the motor and the sensory is not preserved at the neurological level this means that the sick person is fully paralyzed and those suffering from this complete spinal injury usually recover locomotion.

The incomplete spinal injury which is a type of spinal injury under which there is a sensation below the lesion and in most cases the patient is found not paralyzed at all. Usually, there are many different types of incomplete spinal cord injuries but the most amazing thing is the fact that there are no two types that are the identical. Research has proved that people having incomplete type of spinal cord injury are able to recover completely when compared to people having complete spinal injury cord type.

(Almenoff, Spungen, Lesser and Bauman, 1995)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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