The Best Recruits May Not Be Who You Think – Article Example

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The paper "The Best Recruits May Not Be Who You Think" is an exceptional example of an article review on human resources. My best employee, Shaq, was a computer forensic examiner who was barely qualified to use a computer. But within a year, he not only conducted forensic examinations but also could pass rigorous cross-examinations in the court. Ideally, he was not qualified for the job but he was a perfect fit. So what made me hire him? He demonstrated during his interview that he was intelligent had enormous energy.

These qualities made him the best at the job and within a year he was handling the most complicated of cases. This brings to the point of what many recruiters look for when while hiring: education, experience, skills, etc. But these are trivial as these can be taught. What you have to look for is the core fundamental values of the candidate. It is the attitude, work ethic, values, etc that show the true potential of the candidate. This is how you hire people who fit and not people who are just qualified. The best way to hire people who fit is to look at their abilities which cannot be taught.

You cannot teach an employee to develop a personality and core values that you want him to have but you can definitely teach an employee the technical aspects of the job and give him the experience he needs. Hence, this makes the interview process critical. During an interview, you must not pass judgments on the candidate says but try to understand the behavioral pattern. Once you understand how the candidate behaves in a particular situation you can predict how he will behave in similar situations.

Even though this makes the interview process long it will reduce the turnover. Therefore, always hire candidates who fit into your company rather than ones who are just qualified.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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