The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices and Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Ethical Climates – Article Example

The paper "The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices and Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Ethical Climates" is an exceptional example of an article review on human resources. The article presents the impacts of HRM practices and corporate sustainability on a firm’s ethical climate. It addresses the perspectives of the employees on the issues of human resource management in the organization. Guerci et al. (2015) studied a sample of 6000 workers from six countries in Europe with the aim of establishing how the development of organizational ethics influence the principled, benevolent and egoistic climates. It also investigated the possible role played by the perception of the employees on corporate sustainability. The findings indicated that the firm’s ability to improve the practices of HRM enhanced principled and benevolent organizational ethical climate. Additionally, the perception of the staff improves the relationship between motivation-enhancing and ability-enhancing HRM practices in relation to the principled and benevolent moral or ethical climate. 
The article is significantly relevant to the contemporary situation in the management of human resources in the firm. The current situation in the human resource departments worsens with deteriorating ethical climates. In addition, the relationship between the management and the employees is substantially reducing. The research aids in providing a sustainable solution to these contemporary issues. It suggests that the management must give priorities to opportunity-enhancing, ability-enhancing, and motivation-enhancing strategies. When they want to improve the principled and benevolent climates, they need to focus on the practices that enhance the abilities of the staff members. The authors also advised that the firms should adopt an orientation that supports sustainability to maximize the influence of the ethical practices on the ethical climate of the organization.