How Are Electromagnetic Waves Produced – Article Example

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The paper "How Are Electromagnetic Waves Produced? " is a wonderful example of an article review on physics. The article first describes what electromagnetic waves are, followed by a description of how they are produced by the vibration of an electric charge. Vibrations are produced by the absorption of energy by the electrons, which produce electromagnetic waves. Vibrating electrons move to the next atom and transfer their energy onto its electron, making it vibrate and produce another electromagnetic wave. The absorption and remission process continues. The speed of the wave depends upon the density, material, and atomic structure of the medium.

Hence, the article briefly explains the nature and production of electromagnetic waves. The article relates to the week’ s reading very well. Although it is a very concise description of electromagnetic waves, yet it gives a full idea as to what they are and how they are produced. The textbook reading is in detail and comprehensive as compared to this short description; yet, the article can be a great help in starting understanding the whole concept. The book goes into every minute detail about the nature and production of these waves.

Still, I would say that the article relates very well to the week’ s reading. The article is important since it is easily understandable for a student who is new to the concept of electromagnetic waves. The student can go through this article first before going into the details of the textbook. This article can serve as a starter. There is an animation in the article that helps understand the energy absorption and remission process. Hence, the article is useful as it is a clear and concise description of electromagnetic waves.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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