Milford Woman Dies at Hands of Husband Despite Tougher Domestic Violence Laws – Article Example

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The paper "Milford Woman Dies at Hands of Husband Despite Tougher Domestic Violence Laws" is an outstanding example of a law article review. In reading the article entitled “ Milford woman dies at hands of husband despite tougher domestic violence laws, ” I was struck by the problems that exist in the area of the law which handles domestic violence issues. Even with the articles claim that laws are getting “ tougher, ” it is obvious that in the case of Kathy Fox, the system failed her. I think that the reason the system failed her stems largely from the fact that domestic violence is still not taken seriously enough.

The article states that “ the new rules require that people arrested on domestic violence charges put up cash or other assets to get out on bond” (Juliano and Mayko). However, the judge who handled Fox’ s ex-husband’ s case ended up lowering the bond to the point that Ken Fox was able to post bail which then made it possible for him to murder Kathy Fox. If this particular judge took the issue of domestic violence more seriously, there is a greater chance that Kathy Fox would still be alive.

It is extremely frustrating and disheartening that the law placed a $1,000 price tag on Kathy Fox’ s life. It is not a ridiculous notion to think that a violent spouse would continue to harm and harass their husband or wife after a brief stint in jail. This article showcases the need for GPS ankle monitors which could alert the police if the violent significant other or spouse comes too close to the person they have behaved violently towards.

The article states that “ It gives the police an opportunity to intervene” which might just be enough to save a person from bodily harm or even death( Juliano and Mayko). Law enforcement and judges should take a look at cases like Fox’ s in order to further convince them that domestic violence is extremely serious and should not be simply swept under the rug.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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