The Affordable Care Act – Article Example

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The paper “ The Affordable Care Act” is an exceptional example of an article review on information technology. The article is written under the supervision of the department of health and human services. It reflects the details of a project under the title of “ The Affordable Care Act” which was a venture signed under the leadership of President Obama in 2010. The aim of the assignment was to provide health care services at an affordable cost to millions of people across the nation. The program was to provide affordable health care insurances to the household who have a low-income bracket.

The entire program is being published and authenticated by healthcare. gov website. The program is meant to work as a liaison between the public and insurance companies; the site connects the buyer and seller and ensures that right people are being given the government support and in order to ensure the subsidized rates are given to the right applicants they follow a rigid background check process. The government had to face initial problems due to heavy traffic of public; the response from the public was overwhelming and it was getting difficult for the site to handle the bulk entries and to segregate the same.

This problem led to malfunctioning of the software which caused more frustrations. The cause of the problem was the miscalculation of the forecast by the contractors; which led to slow performance and increase the time taken for process requirements. This also resulted in other communication issues. Thus the entire project was put to jeopardy just because the complex nature of the task was underestimated.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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