Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing by Joel Makower – Article Example

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The paper "Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing by Joel Makower" is a good example of a marketing article review. In his article titled “ Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing” , Makower (2010) takes a look at the market implications that Toyota suffered when the company decided to choose market factors such as “ high-aesthetic, high-performance, affordable cars” ahead of being green. In a clear language, the writer makes it clear that Toyota became the loser at the end of the day when the company had to face sanctions for its allegedly serious safety defects.

According to the writer, the reason why Toyota failed woefully in its decision to choose other factors ahead of being eco-minded and green is because the United States car consumer market has become more inclined to the need to uphold to green marketing as a way of protecting the economic development, environmental compactness and social development of its self. The content of the article applies very much to what has been learned in class so far. For instance, it has been established that there is a growing market trend to green marketing and this is affecting industry players in a lot of ways.

This point was well outlined in the article with a call on industry players to come to appreciate the fact that there is a new era, of which they must structure their business strategies and plans around. This is because there is every indication that the forthcoming generation is going to be launched into an era whereby all that they would want to have as their preferred market is a green market.

To this end, car market companies are admonished to embrace themselves for the coming change; which is almost here.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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