Xbox 360 – Article Example

The paper “Xbox 360” is an exceptional example of an article review on family&consumer science.
The first reaction after reading the article is, “Wow! At last, it’s the wonder of Computer Science! If a computer game console, the Xbox 360, can help in finding defects in the heart and prevent heart attack, it is the beginning of a revolution. Good news is that it works faster and is cheaper than the computers used by the scientists for research purpose. Instead of producing graphics, the chip produces data, tracking electrical signals around damaged cardiac cells that help doctors in identifying such defects as arrhythmia.

The stunning part is the clever usage of the chip that speeds up the calculations of heart rhythm. The Xbox 360 delivers mathematical equations relating to proteins, cells, and tissues of the heart five times faster and ten times cheaper. Scarle, the computer scientist at the University of Warwick in England who has devised the new way of using the Xbox 360, is sure of its potential use by students and early-career scientist in fast and cheap computing of the related data. The credit for making this achievement should incidentally go to Scarle’s intelligence in two different fields – software engineer in the gaming industry and performing electro-cardio dynamics research at the University of Sheffield in England. It seems that in the near future, computer science is going to help doctors in a myriad of ways.

As per the GE Healthcare and Siemens sources, the computer can take 2-D and 3-D images of the pumping action of the heart. At the start, a contrast agent is injected into the patient to differentiate the heart’s blood vessels. After scanning the patient, the detector records the X-ray. The X-ray tube that is circled around the patient body creates 64 spiral slices of the heart of extraordinary resolution. Loaf-like 2-D images get processed into 3-D images of the heart. Definitely, Computer Science is working wonders for the society – the common man!