Failing To Build Effective Team And Teamwork – Article Example

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The paper "Failing To Build Effective Team And Teamwork" is an exceptional example of an article review on human resources. In their article about leadership and innovation, Camelia & Silviu discuss some of the success factors for companies, particularly in the IT & C industry. Leadership is one of the factors that ensure the success of such companies. The article also uses RIM to illustrate the effect of weak leadership and management in organizations (Camelia & Silviu, 2013). Part of the role of management is to build effective teams that can implement company policies.

However, this was not the case at RIM. The two leaders failed to build effective teams and offer the right leadership to the company. At RIM, employees do not feel part of a team, and if anything, they feel uncared for and betrayed. When accountability and role definition are lacking, the only members of the team are the two Co-CEOs. The members seem united when together. However, they are divided in opinions when apart. Forming effective teams is part of leadership in today’ s corporate world. It was the role of the two executive officers to form teams that would make the company’ s vision a reality.

According to Camelia & Silviu (2013), the two co-CEOs failed to balance between personal stuff and leading the company (p. 59). The article relates to RIM because it elaborates on the leadership failures of the two leaders at RIM. Both articles highlight that there was no focused leadership and development of teams to performs different roles to make the company’ s vision come true. As Connors of the Wall Street Journal agrees, each CEO developed a separate team.

There was no cohesion in the company as both teams often disagreed on many matters. Such a lack of teamwork and poor leadership are the reasons for the failure of RIM (Connors, 2012).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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