Factors Such As Belief, Emotion And Attitude Have More Impact On The Learning Of Mathematics Than – Article Example

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IntroductionThe terms like quantity, structure, space, and change are what the basics of Mathematics. It is very important for us to live a life with a proportionate application of our senses and our knowledge. Mathematics is the means of giving us this ability and thereby to lead a proper and systematic life. Mathematics has a bigger role in the maintenance of the academic discipline that studies that ca lead to a steady and well organised lifestyle. According to the philosophical survey made by Benjamin Peirce, mathematics is "the science that draws necessary conclusions" (Boyer, Carl B, 1991).

By the solving trend through mathematics we can have zeal to solve our complexities and our problems in much easier way. In today’s scenario, mathematics is dominating every sphere of acquiring knowledge. It is used in much broader sense in the fields of engineering, medicine, natural science, and the social sciences (Davis, Philip J. and Hersh, Reuben, January 14, 1999). The practice of math gene is a newly developed process. It has got nothing to do with the philosophical side of learning process. It is the phenomenal process of working over some numerical puzzles.

In scholarly words the acquisition of math gene is the zeal and spirit of getting stuck with the mathematical problems for the sake of mathematics. It is the means to enjoy solving numerical problems. It is a means of entertaining and gaining pleasure (Jan Gullberg, 1997). To consider the discovery of math gene in a person is mere his interest or hobby to be with mathematical problems. This paper is going to analyse the relevance of mathematical twists and the development of problem solving skill in human.

This paper is going to discover the relevance and the inevitable role that mathematics can find in our day to day life. "Mathematics" as a word comes from Greek origin, which means learning, science, study. Basically it is entirely about the process of acquiring knowledge. In a narrower and more technical periphery "mathematical study", it stands for a full fledge dedicated learning, or studious system of understanding life. As for the Latin meaning it is a kind of art of living which indeed the purpose of learning the mathematical notions. BeleifsAs per the universally accepted empirical views of mathematics, it is just as empirical as the other sciences that exist in the process of learning among human knowledge construction.

As a consequence the determinations of comprehending the mathematical notions vary and as such its results are just fallible and contingent. The application if the consilience after E O Wilson became more popular in the understanding process of mathematics. There was the development of regular belief and faith for a broader perspective of it.

As for Quine mathematics is a learning process that is completely certain in its own way (Hadamard, Jacques 1949). It has a very important role to play in our web of understanding the values of life and in comprehending the importance of our belief in the process of living. Mathematical role is very vital and is incredibly central to this process of following certain beliefs of life. It gives a structure of living and proceeding in various circumstances of life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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