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8 Validation299 Ethical consideration30Chapter four304. Results and Findings301 Introduction302 Stage One: Secondary data322.1 The importance of computers and internet use in the UK322.2 Evolution of cybercrime332.3 Classification of cyber crime342.4 Reasons why cyber crime has gained much popularity372.4.2 Ineffective Government Security382.5 European convection on cybercrimes and internet insecurity383 Stage 2: Primary data393.1 Students and Teachers needs in relation to Internet Use393.2 Cost in learning institutions413.3 The effectiveness of local education authority in dealing with cyber crimes committed in schools423.4 Private schools versus public schools503.5 Measures to reduce cyber crime in schools by local education authority51Chapter 554Conclusion541 Recommendations55Critical review577.

References618. Appendices671 Appendix 1.672 Appendix 2: Questionnaire68AbstractThis paper shows the reasons why cyber crime is an issue in today’s society as well as explaining the reasons why an ever increasing amount of criminals are choosing to turn to a virtual life of crime. Vast amounts of research have been carried out into explaining the increase in crimes committed by these criminals as well as providing a brief insight into the mind of a cyber criminal to help understand why these crimes are committed.

The paper also explains the effects these crimes are having on the economy as well showing the responses that are being taken by both the governments and organisations. The paper identifies how current legislation in place is out of date in the fight against cyber crime and using real life examples illustrates how this is failing against modern day technology that is constantly being manipulated by cyber criminals. In addition, it demonstrates various types of cyber crimes in both private and public schools and what the local education authority is doing about them. Chapter 11.

Introduction The internet is evolving at a very fast rate. As this happens, the numbers of threats affecting internet users are also evolving. These threats affect every internet user regardless of their level of operation. With cyber security event have evolved from Morris worm to slammer worm in 2003, the concern now is identifying and addressing security affecting internet users. There is fear that even criminals such as terrorism attackers are now engaging in cyber crime. The effects of this form of crime are worse than any other crime that existed in the past.

For instance, Slammer Worm spread so fast and in a span of 10 minutes, it had affected a total of 90% of the vulnerable hosts. The issue is not generally security issues involved in the use of internet, but the security issues with regard to emerging reliance on the internet in every level of operation from government offices and large organizations to schools and individual levels to perform virtually almost every task earlier done manually. Productivity and maximum benefits regarding internet use will only be achieved if the security issues are kept at bay.

This means that different organizations, government bodies and researchers must improve their efforts in conducting researches to identify and address emerging security issues. According to the findings, an integral factor in addressing this is investing in research and training to improve skills in internet use and related security issues.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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