The Global Warming Myth by Professor Bellamy – Article Example

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The paper “ The Global Warming Myth by Professor Bellamy“ is a thrilling variant of the article on environmental studies. The objective of this essay is to analyze and evaluate the article “ The Global Warming Myth” by Prof David Bellamy published in “ THE NEW ZEALAND SCIENCE COALITION” on 13 August 2007. In his article Bellamy says that he is not worried about carbon induced global warming. He is more worried about being vilified as a heretic or denier for questioning the dogma of the global warming doomsters who repeatedly tell us that C not only stands for carbon but for climate catastrophe.

He says that global warming became more a political issue than a scientific issue. He claims that predictions of global warming are based on complex computer models and there is no evidence that global warming is due to atmospheric carbon dioxide. He questions “ how can a sixty-year cycle of changing temperature give any credibility to claims that carbon dioxide is causing an inexorable march towards a climate Armageddon? ” Analysis of Bellamy Argument: Bellamy’ s main argument: Bellamy’ s main argument is that “ there are no facts linking the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide with imminent catastrophic global warming” .

He offers two simple data sets two to support his argument. Over the past century, the temperature around the world is not displaying any distinguishable up or downtrend. “ The last peak temperatures were around 1940 and 1998, with troughs of low temperature around 1910 and 1970” . He argues that science and the media raised false alarms about an imminent catastrophic ice age when there was the second dip in temperature around 1970 and changed their tune to imminent catastrophic scenarios of global warming when the temperature started rising.

He argues that science and the media were raising all these false alarms basing on computer-generated models. Sub-argument 1:He argues that global warming became a political issue and claims that “ the name-calling is acceptable in political circles but it has no place in the language of science” . He claims that what is happening in the early record of events on global warming suggests the effects of a policy of hunting out suspected or known communists and removing them complete with witch hunts.

Here the suspected communist is carbon dioxide. Sub-argument 2:The reason he is not worried about carbon induced global warming is there has been no sign of global warming in New Zealand since 1955. And also snow has fallen in Portugal for the first time in 52 years and 3 US states recorded their lowest temperatures ever. Sub-argument 3:He argues that there are other factors in control overriding the effect of this greenhouse gas, this explains why the temperature has gone up and down in a cyclical manner over the past sixty years in spite of increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere throughout this time frame.

He argues that the global warming brigade is ignoring the effects of solar cycles, cosmic ray cloud control, and El Ninos and La Ninas on global temperature. He also claims that the positive aspects of carbon dioxide in the growth of plants are being ignored by them. Sub-argument 4:He argues that the global warming doomsters are not giving importance to the fact that the temperature is following a downtrend since 1998 by arguing that they need a 30 year period to register a convincing change.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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