Entrepreneurship, Customer Experience, and Environmental Impact – Article Example

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The paper "Entrepreneurship, Customer Experience, and Environmental Impact" is a great example of an article on environmental studies. This summary of the entrepreneur interview focuses on Sarah Polley Takes on a New Role: Filmmaker, an article that is published at the website Experience. com. This website preoccupies with highlighting young entrepreneurs who have made a mark in a specific sector or industry in the economic landscape of the modern world. Through articles that are contained in this website, readers get an opportunity to understand the role of entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation and progress in society.

The aforementioned article is authored by Jenny Halper, a resident writer at Experience. com. The author commences by noting that Sarah looks considerably young, especially in comparison to the things that she has achieved at her tender age. Although Sarah takes her accomplishments in an easy manner, it is evident that she has already achieved what most of her contemporaries will ever achieve in their lifetime. According to the author, Sarah is amiable and easy to get along with, factors that the author notes as being critical to propagation and sustenance of a perpetual entrepreneurial spirit.

In other words, Sarah’ s strength lies in the fact that she has the right attitude and mental orientation to support entrepreneurship (Baron 12). Sarah’ s business idea revolves around the entertainment industry with a specific interest in filmmaking. The author takes us through Sarah’ s journey into the world of commerce in modern society. According to the author, Sarah commenced her acting career at the tender age of four. By the time she attained eleven years of age, Sarah was a recognized crusader for peace in different parts of the world.

At twenty years, Sarah was an accomplished scriptwriter and film director. Evidently, Sarah’ s success as an entrepreneur is anchored on her ability and willingness to counter societal limitations such as age and level of education (Baron 16). She effectively demonstrates that entrepreneurship is an art that requires hard work, dedication, and foresight in regard to the specific area of interest. Successful entrepreneurs must be willing to put in the necessary time and effort into their idea in order to guarantee the realization of their original plan in regard to their investment idea (Baron 23).

For instance, during the time this interview was conducted, Sarah was in Newyork to sensitize people on Away from her, a thematic film that she is currently working on. Sarah’ s idea has been instrumental in meeting consumer demands and preferences in the market. Her idea for a film was meant to meet the recurrent desire by customers for qualitative and informative productions. She focused on her strong points in a bid to maximize the overall influence and dominance in the highly competitive and discriminative film industry. The consumer need that was addressed was innovative and dynamic because it offered an opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits that accrue from qualitative and informative film production.

Her films are also thematic and mostly focus on pertinent topical issues that are evident in contemporary society. Through her filmmaking venture, Sarah Polley has had an immense contribution to the propagation of inherent ideals and aspirations that characterize human existence in modern society. Sarah was faced with numerous challenges that almost derailed her quest to venture into filmmaking.

For instance, there was the very high competition and difficulty in penetrating the industry due to the reality of discrimination by established professionals in the industry. However, her venture was successful because of consistency and the ability to withstand pressure from within (Baron 35). These attributes were the hallmark of her success in professional filmmaking.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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