Entrepreneurial Strategy - How the Eagles Followed the Numbers to the Super Bowl – Article Example

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The paper "Entrepreneurial Strategy - How the Eagles Followed the Numbers to the Super Bowl" is a delightful example of an article on economics. “ How the Eagles Followed the Numbers to the Super Bowl” by Ben Shpigel is an article narrating how the Eagles made use of data to predict they are possible wins in the future games. The strategy they used is the same used by companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. This paper is going to analyze some of the strategies they used as they relate to entrepreneurial strategy.

The first strategy the Eagles used was of models which help to determine the moves of the opponent to improve their chances of winning. Organizations study the business models of their competitors to understand their operations (Shpigel, Par. 7). This way they can identify their loopholes and maximize on them. Hence having the upper hand in the market. Sean O’ Leary uses models whereby he identifies some of the possible moves the team can make. This helps to increase their chances of winning. The next strategy was the use of data in decision making.

For any organization to succeed it needs to make decisions based on the data collected in their target market (Shpigel, Par. 11). This helps to boost their chances of increasing their market base and profit. Frigo together with his colleagues had recommendations to the team based on their previous games. This helped the team make changes in areas that needed changes. The also came up with strategies based on hypothetical situations. This helped the Eagles to be well prepared for any situations. In the business world, organizations are advised to always have a backup plan since the market is not dynamic.

One of the quotes that stood out for me in the article is by the president of Edjsports, Tony DeFeo “ The Eagles capture value at every turn, ” . The other one is “ They’ re in the Super Bowl for a reason. ” By Frigo. My take on the article is that winning does not come easy. For one to get anything they need to work for it. They should be ready to put in hard work.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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