Pornography, Oppression and Freedom by Helen E. Longino – Article Example

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The paper "Pornography, Oppression and Freedom by Helen E. Longino" is an excellent example of an article on social science. In the early days, the sexual revolution made an immense impact on pornography by classifying the moral and immoral behavior. Causing pain or intending to harm, injure or jeopardize any individual was regarded as immoral, however, if anybody deliberately indulged in sexual activities or intercourse with the consent and even masturbation was not immoral.   Longino disapproves and argues that defamation of sexual behavior can only be based on assumptions that it strikes us as distasteful or because they bifurcate from standards we have established.

This would imply matter how offensive the pornography is, we have to bear with it in the name freedom from illegitimate repression. Furthermore, Longino describes pornography as the portrayal of women as demeaning and derogatory as the mere sexual object which is subjected to exploitation and manipulation. However, not all the sexually explicit material is pornography and illicit. The educational films of the national sex forum, few erotic literature, and art fall into this category where women are not shown as subverted to men and with the sole purpose of satisfying men.

Moral realism constitutes that in spite of portraying women as derogatory the overall can, however, the context surrounding it can be helpful or assists in reaffirming dignity simultaneously. This can be seen in films, books or in imitating the sexual assaults on women and comprehending the consequences. Thus pornography characterizes a behavior which is derogatory and defamatory to an individual. Pornography is neither representation of explicit behavior nor the depiction of abuse of individual it is rather the material which is portrayed in an explicit manner, so as to endorse the behavior described.

The contextual features moreover are inherent to the material and endorse while communicating.   Pornography has the innate capacity of being subordinate to men and present women for fulfilling fantasies of men. To realize this, pornography must lie that women are perfect prey for rape, bondage, torture, and murder. This attitude fosters more lies about human indemnity.   Pornography is considered injurious to the women while associating the committing of crimes against women during violent pornography, widespread the objective to defame and adulterate the chastity of women and inculcates the oppression and exploitation of women in male-oriented society due to a distorted depiction.

Pornography has been defined in such a way that it can easily be distinguished between, moral realism and erotica. Moreover, it has been made clear that pornography intends to defame the chastity of women, condones crime against women and invites social, cultural and economic repression of women. The production and distribution of the illicit material should also be considered as a social and moral sin.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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