U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate – Article Example

The paper "The U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate " is a wonderful example of a politics article. Global warming is a major issue in today’s world, especially during the economic crisis where it must be decided wisely where the money is being spent. An article from the NY Times revealed that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would like to create a global warming treaty on behalf of the United States. The United States had met with other nations during the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, which was one of the three meetings planned to create an international treaty that would later be intended to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is set to expire in 2012, which set limits to the number of emissions to let off by industrialized nations. Ironically, the United States was never a signatory to this treaty; however, the United States is trying to lead this new treaty that would aid in the constant struggle of global warming. The article concluded with remarks from representatives of other nations including India, who were happy to hear that the United States wants to create a lasting bond in order to increase the economies of developing nations.