Effects of a Data-Driven District Reform Model on State Assessment Outcomes – Article Example

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The paper "Effects of a Data-Driven District Reform Model on State Assessment Outcomes" is an exceptional example of an educational article review. This was an interesting article that discussed many intricacies of assessment core models that drive assessment. It is clear that pure research indicates that student assessment is huge in any governing institution as tests drive results. There is much emphasis in the Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) which assessed the importance of reading and writing methodologies. The assessment shows a positive correlation in which assessment through a vigorous curriculum.

CCDRE was the main core element that helped closed the national gap in the American educational system. It was also the main derivative of the “ No Child Left behind Act, ” that addressed reform that plagued the school system. The benchmark of assessment is not standard as it varies all across the academic universities in the United States and plays a vital role towards the learning process of the student. While students can be assessed through participation and homework, testing is at times required to evaluate students. If students are not up to par with their academic proficiency, there will be drastic changes.

For children to learn and excel in assessment testing is undoubtedly a struggle which is unquantifiable and difficult to overcome. The first and foremost step will be to collaborate with parents, students and teachers to understand the root cause of the problems. This also gives an excellent opportunity for everyone to address and raise the issues that are plaguing their learning. Moreover, the school will try to find other ways to assess the proficiency levels of students.

Clearly, the “ paper and pencil” model is not a clear indication of their performance. More focus will be dedicated to tutoring and teachers will get extra compensation to stay or come before school. Peer tutoring will be the embodiment of the school’ s success.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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