Educating For Sustainable Worlds – Article Example

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LEARNINGS ON EDUCATING FOR SUSTAINABLE WORLDSEducating the communityAs a schooled citizen, I plan to apply my hard learned skills and knowledge to impact positively on my environment. This will come in handy by initiating and implementing sustainable development activities that have little or no negative effects to the environment. My idea revolves around use of technology to transact business deals. How? , for a person to transact he/ she must commute, use online platform or make phone calls. The most vulnerable mostly commute, since they have fewer options due to lack of information or inability to use online platforms.

Due to the forces of demand and supply, as more people commute, more commuter wagons are manufactured to ferry them from one destination to another, translating to more hazardous pollutants emissions to the environment. Through my initiative, I will set up centers of knowledge acquisition to empower the community on the use of online platforms to transact and to boost my venture train them on applications for transactions. This will translate to better and easier means of transacting resulting to reduced travel consequently reducing the amount of air population exhaust gas emissions.

Aspire to live better The quality of life a community lives is determined partly by their levels of literacy; a literate person will comprehend and act on issue in more informed dimension than illiterate person. Environmental condition contributes significantly on how the people lives, and it is for this reason that it is paramount consideration for one to make as he/she thinks about the quality of live he/she must live. As such, I plan to initiate campaigns yielding to environmental cleanness through lobbying and advocacy that will realize also, to proper waste disposal especially the non-biodegradable products or lobby for legislation that would influence the products being manufactured.

This will ultimately lead to better living environment with fewer health hazards contributing to increase in live expectancy and reduction of mortality rates. This move will consequently contribute to improvement in populace quality of live. Use of social mediaAccording to world statistics, Facebook is deemed to be the most popular social network worldwide and attract 1.71billion users currently. This is a favorable platform through which a Facebook group can challenge people on impacts of climate change, climate education and sustainability.

I purpose to explore possibilities on how I can develop a webpage which can be liked by willing participants and we invite the largest reachable crowd globally to like it as a means to pass information to the world, that environmental sustainability is very essential for the human race. It will be a platform for knowledge and skill acquisition on how we can reverse the negative impact of human action on environment. Support Government initiativesThe government has a bigger role to play through legislation and policies and programs that would alleviate level of knowledge among citizens to the extent of implementing programs that are geared towards changing the understanding on Sustainable environment.

As so, through the Government initiatives, I will participate fully to ensure in my small way am in the fore front in letting the citizens know that the lives we live are vulnerable to health hazards because of a depreciating environment hence something must be done to reverse the trend.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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